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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bio-Hybrid Robot: Uses Muscles From Slug's Mouth And 3D Printed Parts: "Like A Slow Sea Turtle"

Biohybrid Robot 'Crawls' Using Muscles Taken from a Slug's Mouth (+Video)

The robot combines tissues from a California sea slug with flexible 3D-printed parts

Victoria Woollaston | July 19, 2016

By combining tissues from a slug with flexible 3D-printed parts, researchers have created a 'biohybrid' that crawls like a sea turtle on the beach – albeit extremely slowly.
A muscle from the slug's mouth helps the robot move, which is currently controlled by an external electrical field. Future iterations of the device will include ganglia – bundles of neurons and nerves that normally conduct signals to the muscle as the slug feeds – as an organic controller.

The Robot and the Sea Slug. Source;
"Berghia Sea Slug" Source:

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