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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mars Needs Broadband

Mars Needs Broadband!

A new relay satellite will boost the data flow from Mars starting in the early 2020s.

Tony Reichhardt | July 19, 2016

NASA’s robotic Mars explorers are wonderful machines, but they’re only as good as their data links. All that photo-taking, drilling, and chemical analysis is pointless unless the information gets beamed back to scientists on Earth. Ask the people on the New Horizons mission, who’ve been waiting more than a year to get all their data from Pluto, which is still trickling in at dial-up speeds.
The space agency has grand plans for the next 20 years of Mars exploration, both human and robotic, and either scenario—whether it’s an astronaut expedition or a fleet of telepresence robots—requires high data rates to reach its full potential.

"A little help, please? The 15-year-old Mars Odyssey has been a good data relay, but it’s yesterday’s technology." Source:

[Click to Enlarge] InterPlaNetary Internet. Source:

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