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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Educational Virtual Reality (VR) Content

We Tried Lifeliqe to Explore What Educational VR Content Actually Looks Like (+Video)

Blake Montgomery | July 9, 2016

The biggest question in educational virtual reality: “Is it all hype?”
There's surely no lack of excitement—and neither is there any evidence that this expensive and enthralling technology will help students. Yet entrepreneurs and venture capitalists ($1.3 billion of investment already this year) are betting that VR’s immersion factor can snap students out of their daydreams when they can see dry class subjects brought to digital life.
The latest and perhaps shiniest effort comes from Ondrej Homola, co-founder and CEO of the the app Lifeliqe, which displays 3D models of natural phenomena on tablets, in augmented reality and in virtual reality.


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