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Monday, July 4, 2016

Virtual Reality Taking Off In China

Virtual Reality Heats up in China

Mary Ermitanio | July 3, 2016

The virtual reality (VR) market in China is expected to reach $860 million in 2016 and accelerate to $8.5 billion by 2020. In the last six months alone, the Chinese VR market has seen a flurry of investments, partnerships and new ventures involving both local and international players. With capabilities in low cost, mass scale manufacturing, a hot investment climate, and international support, China could become the epicenter of the global VR market’s growth.

"On Thursday, the Nasdaq-listed Chinese Internet company Youku Tudou Inc. said that it plans to begin producing original 360-degree video content. The move, which follows a virtual-reality (VR) push announced by YouTube in March, comes as Hollywood and Silicon Valley are increasingly embracing the immersive experiences provided mostly by consumer headsets." Source:

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