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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

PrintTable: Large Format 3D Printer Made From 2 IKEA Tables

Printtable: the Large-Format 3D Printer Made from Two IKEA Tables, Yours for under $395

Benedict [] | July 5, 2016

Mechanic and 3D printing enthusiast Wayne Mason-Drust has hacked two IKEA Lack tables to make a custom-build, large-format 3D printer. Makers can build their own <$395 ‘Printtable’, which consists of several 3D printed components, by following Mason-Drust’s Instructables guide for the project.
A 3D printer made out of a table? While we’ve never seen much additive manufacturing potential in our furniture, nor eaten dinner off an Ultimaker 2, Wayne Mason-Drust’s unusual hack turns a symbol of 21st century chic into a machine of 21st century capabilities, making it a project well worth trying…knock on wood. Parts for the stylish DIY machine can be bought for less than $395, and the entire building process has been reduced to 25 simple steps.


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