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Friday, June 3, 2016

Major French Funding For 3D Printing Industry

France Launches Funding Initiative for 3D Printing

Nick Hall | June 3, 2016

The FAIR collaborative project will distribute €10.5 million French companies in the 3D printing this year alone. It intends to fund projects to the tune of €35 million over the next four years, which is a serious commitment to progress.
The future investment programme will dish out €10.5 million in grants and loans to a variety of companies that can help drive the French additive manufacturing industry forward. BPifrance, the government-supported enterprise agency, is behind the scheme that will be managed by the General Commission for Investment (CGI).

Xline 2000R
'“Take Concept Laser’s Xline 1000, today’s largest SLM machine,” says Mr Sander. “It needs 1 ton of titanium powder. Now, they are launching the Xline 2000, which is considerably larger. You can print a full size engine block and this is not something you can manage by hand. As ALM grows, you will have to move tons of material, tons of parts on the building plates. If you want to have industrial use with factories that have 30 or 100 machines, the process will have to be automated. I know a lot of companies that are thinking about this approach, so it is only a question of time. The use cases are coming up and it is starting to really make sense, so I believe that we are going to see a number of automated ALM factories within two years from now.' Source:

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