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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brexit Aftermath

A Belgian-Style Confederacy Would Allow Parts of the UK to Remain the EU

Peter Vanahm | June 28, 2016

[...] But just as Leicester City Football Club achieved the improbable, Brits can now do the improbable and—for all intents and purposes—remain in the EU, despite the deplorable Brexit vote. It’s already clear large groups of the population wish to do so, and there’s historical precedent set by other European nations to guide the way.
First, consider the will of the people. Scots and Northern Irish voted massively in favor of the EU, as did young Brits and Londoners. They should all be able to remain in. Scottish and Northern Irish should remain masters of their own fate. Young Brits should remain welcome in Europe and continue to call it their home. 

Brexit vote by region. "The YouGov research also revealed working class areas were more anti-EU, blowing a hole in Labour's insistence on backing Brussels against the wishes of its traditional voter base. Brexit support is also strong in the more wealthy Tory counties of England like Suffolk, Somerset and Lincolnshire, showing that a concensus is now building behind the case to get Britain out of the EU." Source:

<more at; related articles and links: (Nicola Sturgeon says Scottish Parliament could veto Brexit after EU referendum. June 27, 2016) and (BREXIT FIRST 100 DAYS: What will happen NOW after historic vote to LEAVE the EU? AFTER the Brexit victory, here is a look at what will happen immediately following the historic vote for Britain to leave the EU. June 27, 2016)>

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