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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How Expensive Would A U.S.-Made iPhone Be?

How Much Extra Would a US-Made iPhone cost? MIT Has Done the Sums …

Ben Lovejoy | June 13, 2016

With two Presidential candidates saying that Apple should be making more of its products in the USA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has done the sums to see just how practical it would be for Apple to manufacture iPhones in its home market.
The question, of course, isn’t a simple one: you first need to define your terms. Does it just mean assembling iPhones here rather than in China, or does it mean sourcing components from the U.S. too? The MIT analysis considered both scenarios, starting with assembly-only …
Assembly, says the MIT Technology Review piece, is not a major part component of the cost of an iPhone. Apple doesn’t disclose the numbers, of course, but industry estimates place it in the $4-10 range.


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