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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Getting Rid Of Passwords

The Current State of Authentication: We Have a Password Problem

Drew Thomas | June 6, 2016

We have a lot of passwords to remember, and it’s becoming a problem. Authentication is clearly important, but there are many ways to reliably authenticate users – not just passwords. Passwords are written off as inconvenient and unavoidable, but even if true a few years ago, that’s not true today. Due to a combination of sensors, encryption and seasoned technology users, authentication is taking on new (and exciting) forms. [Story continues: see link way below...]
Recent news items (this is only a tiny sampling):
· Facebook and Netflix reset passwords after data breaches - Wired UK
· LinkedIn resetting passwords after 117 million user credentials stolen
· Twitter locks some accounts after 32 million passwords appear on dark web
· Hacker collects 272m email addresses and passwords, some from Gmail
· Has YOUR account been hacked? Hundreds of millions of passwords stolen from Google and Yahoo users in major security breach
· Experts Warn to Change Passwords after Nearly 300 Million email Accounts Hacked
· 65 million Tumblr passwords stolen and up for sale

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