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Friday, June 17, 2016

TreeWiFi: Birdhouses That Monitor Pollution, Provide Free WiFi

The “Birdhouse” That Could Monitor Pollution and Provide Free WiFi (+Video)

Jen Kinney | June 15, 2016

Despite Amsterdam’s legions of bike commuters and extensive public transportation, the city gets a D+ for air quality from the Scot-Free for the Climate campaign, trailing far behind Zurich, Vienna, Stockholm and Copenhagen. At least 11 different locations in the city surpass acceptable levels of nitrogen dioxide. To make Amsterdam residents aware of the air pollution problem, and reward them for doing something about it, Mother Nature Network reports that one Dutchman has devised an unusual intervention: WiFi-enabled birdhouses.

"TreeWiFi wants to use the trees in Amsterdam to measure the air quality, and to motivate people to use public transportation and their bikes more often by rewarding them with free WiFi when the air quality improves in their street." Source:

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