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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Future Of Mail Delivery

Robots and Self-Driving Trucks Could Be the Future of Mail

Ariel Bogle | June 9, 2016

Despite the hype, drones may be only one small part of the future of post.
Speaking Wednesday at the Drones For Good panel held during Sydney's Vivid festival, Dirk van Lammeren, general manager of small business at Australia Post, told Mashable Australia the company is considering all of its options.
In dense, urban areas, for example, he's not entirely convinced of the value of airborne drones. Drones that can move along the pavement, though? That can't be ruled out.
"I personally think that in high density areas, the traditional ways of delivering parcels through couriers is a very good one, with even drones and robots that actually run on the ground to deliver," he explained. 
Imagine a small load carrying robot going hand in hand with the postman: "If you have enough households to go to and enough volume, you can make it work, and a profitable business," he said.


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