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Friday, June 17, 2016

Supercomputer Instead Of Humans To Deliver Frontline Services

Enfield Council Uses Robotic 'Supercomputer' Instead of Humans to Deliver Frontline Services.

A robotic employee will be deployed instead of human council workers to “deliver frontline public services” for the first time, it was revealed today.

Mark Blunden | June 16, 2016

Enfield council, hit with budget cuts and job losses, has bought an American artificial intelligence programme that can makes its own choices and track customers’ emotions. 
The AI answers residents’ questions “as a human would” and can hold thousands of conversations at once.
It is the first time IPSoft’s model, called Amelia, has been used by the British public sector, with one survey suggesting robotic task automation is 60 per cent cheaper than every human worker. The AI, already used by professional services giant Accenture, will be deployed on the Labour-run council’s website this autumn.

"UK council set to use robotic supercomputer instead of humans" Source;
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