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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Google Toy System For Teaching Kids To Code

Google is Making a Toy System That Teaches Kids How to Code (+Video)

Jacob Kastrenakes | June 27, 2016

Learning to code usually involves sitting in front of a computer, memorizing commands, and carefully checking for syntax errors. But what if instead, coding was colorful, fun, and let you interact with the real world?
That's what Google is trying to do with a new initiative called Project Bloks. Bloks is a system of toy blocks that kids can connect together to control other toys and learn the fundamentals of coding in the process — a bunch of blocks with arrows on them, for instance, could be used to direct a robot. Google's intention is for Bloks to teach the logic behind coding, so that kids can pick up basic skills as they play and later transfer that knowledge to real-world applications.


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