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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Seed-Shooting Drones

Seed-Bombing Startup DroneSeed Wants to Fight Deforestation with a Swarm of UAVs (+Video)

Kelly Hodgkins | June 29, 2016

If Oregon startup DroneSeed has its way, foresters in the Pacific Northwest may be in for a surprise the next time they are out in the field. Instead of wandering into a team of people working to replant trees, they could be bombarded from above by a suite of seed-blasting drones deployed to accomplish the same task of reseeding an area after harvesting is complete.
Founded a year ago by Grant Canary and Ryan Mykita, DroneSeed is developing a specialized drone system that is designed to both identify potential planting sites and then drop seeds in these selected remote forest locations.

DroneSeed predicts its tree-planting drones can perform in an hour the same task that takes a human worker a full day.

DroneSeed website. "Precision Forestry with Drones." Source:

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