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Friday, June 24, 2016

Google Will No Longer Support Authorship

Google Has Stopped Using Authorship Completely, Even for In-Depth Articles

Authorship is now officially and completely dead. Gary Illyes from Google said authorship is not used at all at Google anymore.

Barry Schwartz | June 22, 2016

Gary Illyes, Google’s webmaster tends analyst, said at SMX Advanced that Google has completely stopped using authorship markup, even for use with in-depth articles.
But didn’t Google stop using authorship in August 2014? Yes, they did, but Google did keep using them for in-depth articles.
Up until October 2015, Google recommended that you keep authorship on your pages, but that advice now seems to be out the window.

"Google Authorship Markup: How to get your picture in search results." Source;

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