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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cellular Network For Household Devices: Lightbulbs, Toasters

This Startup Is Building A Cellular Network For Your Lightbulb And Toaster

Aaron Tilley | July 1, 2016

On a drizzly San Francisco afternoon in March, Ludovic Le Moan, 52, climbs to the roof of San Francisco’s stately public library. He’s there to check on a 5-foot pole equipped with a small antenna and a briefcase-size box. It’s one of 22 “base stations” his French startup, Sigfox, has placed throughout the city and one of 6,000 it operates across 18 countries as part of its improbable quest: building a wireless network that will cover at least 100 U.S. cities by year’s end and eventually span much of the planet.


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