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Monday, June 27, 2016

Ricoh 3D Metal Printer

Ricoh Makes Metal Injection Molding Obsolete with New Highly Efficient Metal 3D Printer

Alec [] | June 24, 2016

While metal 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular for small batch production, it’s not the only metal manufacturing technology that is enjoying a growing popularity. The market for metal injection molding, a production technique that efficiently combines metal particles and polymers with injection molding, is also growing. Worth a massive $1.5 billion USD back in 2012, its market is still growing with double digits. In an attempt to outmaneuver that market, Tokyo-based technology company Ricoh has just unveiled a new 3D printer that also uses a resin binder to efficiently sinter metal particles together in a highly detailed 3D printing process, but uses that binder far more efficiently.

"Last September, Japanese imaging and electronics company, Ricoh stated its intentions for the 3D printing industry with the launch of its Additive Manufacturing Business (AM Business) to focus solely on 3D printers." Source:

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