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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

PayPal Adds Charitable Giving Button At Bottom Of App Home Screen

PayPal Puts a Charitable Giving Button in Its App for the First Time

Sarah Perez | June 28, 2016

PayPal is rolling out an update to its mobile application which it hopes will put charitable giving in the forefront of customers’ minds. With a new button that appears at the bottom of the home screen of its app  – below options to order ahead or pay in-store – PayPal users can support a favorite cause through an in-app donation.
The button connects users to the tens of thousands of PayPal Giving Fund certified charities, and is the first time that PayPal has made it possible to donate directly through its mobile app, the company says.

The charities will receive 100 percent of every donation, PayPal also notes.

PayPal App with "Support a cause" button. Source:

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