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Thursday, June 16, 2016

$3 Million From Oracle To Help Girls Learn STEM

Oracle Pledges $3 Million to Help Girls Learn Science, Math and Tech

The business-software maker worked with the White House to donate $200 million to support computer science education in the US. Now it's adding even more to focus on women's education.

Alison Vayne | June 14, 2016

Silicon Valley is starting to put its money where its mouth is on women's education.
The latest example: Oracle, a leading business software maker, teamed up with the White House back in April to donate money to support the Obama administration's Computer Science for All initiative. The goal is to empower and engage student through various computer science programs in over 1,100 US institutions. They hope the money and attention will draw young people around the world into learning about science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM. At the time, the company committed $200 million to the cause.

"We need a moon shot to propel women into computer science careers." Source:

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