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Monday, March 7, 2016

VR Limbo?

Virtual Reality Will Be Stuck in Limbo Until it Gets its Own Language

Manick Bhan [] | March 6, 2016

Virtual reality is being hailed as the Next Big Thing, the newest tech trend that will upend all our lives and make a handful of Silicon Valley wunderkinds very, very rich (already happening as we speak). If you’re old enough to remember past high profile failures in VR like Nintendo’s Virtual Boy or the insanely clunky Dactyl Nightmare, you’d be right to have some doubts about VR’s ability to transform the world.
Despite what cynics might say, however, the tech is here today for virtual reality to start impacting our lives on a meaningful scale. It feels like we’re finally hitting a point where virtual reality technology can deliver the immersive, futuristic experiences we’ve been promised for years. But it’s not the tech that could stop VR from truly becoming the Next Big Thing.

Simulation: Bringing Reality to the Virtual World. Source:

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