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Monday, March 14, 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) Is About To Change

People in Virtual Reality Are About to Look a Lot More Realistic

8i is trying to bring real people into virtual reality for more immersive experiences, from films to yoga classes.

Rachel Metz | March 14, 2016

[...] That’s because these people, all virtual-reality creations of a startup called 8i, looked quite realistic. And I was viewing them while wearing an HTC Vive headset set up in an open space large enough for me to rove around without bumping into anything. Thus, I had enough room to concentrate on the details I found most fascinating—and in this case it was, admittedly, the way the fabric of their clothes looked on their derrieres and legs.
8i’s goal is to capture humans with an array of cameras and show them in a way that’s as true to life as possible in virtual reality. [...]


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