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Friday, March 25, 2016

Virtual Reality (VR) In Healthcare

Is Virtual Reality Coming to Healthcare?

David Chou | January 14, 2016

Technology for some time has played a key role in the enhancement of most, if not all, human activity and endeavor. Many sectors of the economy have been blessed by the effects of technology, including the health sector. I believe that virtual reality technology will be a game changer in healthcare delivery. Below are a few areas where the healthcare industry can benefit.
One of the profound merits of technology is that it reduces time and effort while boosting output. Virtual simulation technology has been helpful in the training of healthcare practitioners. For example, surgery simulators have been very effective and efficient in the training of prospective surgeons about the rudiments of their preferred profession, as it would not be impossible and unethical to get real-life patients for the training of surgeons.

Virtual reality for good: VR to boost healthcare and change lives. Source:

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