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Monday, March 14, 2016

Virtual Art Theft With Uncertainties

The Impossibility of Stealing a 3,000-Year-Old Head with a Video Game Controller

Rich McCormick | March 13, 2016

In Berlin's Neues Museum, there sits a 3,000-year-old bust of Queen Nefertiti. The priceless artifact is under glass, kept safe by alarms, and watched by security guards. Last year, it was stolen.
But there was no daring heist, no Mission Impossible-esque dangling from the ceiling — the bust never moved from its place in the museum. Instead, two German artists said they stole its likeness, scanning Nefertiti from her home in the museum, releasing the data for free online, and 3D printing another version of the bust to take back to her native Egypt.

Nora al-Badri and Jan Nikolai Nelles with a 3-D printed copy of a bust Queen Nefertiti they brought to Cairo. Source:  

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