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Monday, March 28, 2016

Miniature Mobile Phones

Mini Mobile Phones Are Bestsellers for Inmates As They Are Small Enough to Be Stored 'Internally' and Made of Plastic So Don't Get Picked Up by Scanners 

LONG-CZ handset is 68mm long and 23mm wide - barely bigger than a finger. It is also almost entirely made of plastic so can't be detected BOSS scanners. £25 phones are even being advertised as 'beat the BOSS'  when sold online. Irish prison bosses say they being bought and 'stored internally' by inmates.

James Dunn | March 27, 2016

A tiny mobile phone made of plastic are now bestsellers among inmates as they can be smuggled into prisons and stored 'internally' without being detected by scanners.
The LONG-CZ handset weighs just 18 grams [0.63 oz.], is 68mm high and 23mm wide, so is small enough to be smuggled in and stored by inmates.
It is available online for just £25 and is made almost entirely made of plastic, so is not detectable by the machines used in Irish jails. 


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