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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Neural Network To Describe The World

This App Uses a Neural Network to Describe the World Around You (+Video)

It's wrong more often than it's right

James Vincent | March 10, 2016

[Blogger's note: If you had the app described here, you might also be interested in X-mirage which allows you to capture iOS screens and send them to your Mac or PC. I have used this app (X-mirage) and find it works extremely well. Current price is $16.00. See: for details. I have not tested X-mirage with the neural network described here, but it should work well. X-mirage has handled a range of apps that I have tried out.]
"A tree climbing a piece of wood. A large bird sitting on a mountain. A bike with a bike leaning against it."
This is the world according to AI Scry, a new iOS app that uses a neural network to identify whatever's in front of your phone's camera and describe it to you. The results veer between uncannily accurate and enjoyable nonsense (tilted heavily towards the latter), but still manage to encapsulate both the promise and limitations of neural networks. It's also just very fun to wander around while a computer narrates what's in front of you in a rambling, free associative style.


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