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Monday, March 14, 2016

314GB Raspberry Pi Storage In A Light-Weight Add-On

WD's PiDrive Gives Your Raspberry Pi 314GB of Storage

The PiDrive offers gobs of space for your mini PC without adding a lot of bulk.

Sure, you can already add storage to your Raspberry Pi, but it's usually an exercise in trade-offs: SD cards don't hold much data, and USB drives (even the portable ones) tend to be too big and power-hungry for a mini PC. WD doesn't think you should have to compromise, though. It's shipping a new PiDrive that stuffs 314GB into a slim design that won't overwhelm the Pi's power system, but is fast enough to make full use of the USB connection. It even has a special version of BerryBoot (a multi-operating system tool) to help you load your platform of choice and fill that abundant space with apps.


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