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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Shorter Waiting Lines For 3D Prints: International Space Station (ISS) Gets A New 3D Printer

Cargo Ship Reaches Space Station on Resupply Run

AFP Wire Service via Daily Mail | March 26, 2016

An unmanned cargo ship packed with science experiment materials plus food, water and clothes successfully docked at the International Space Station on Saturday, NASA partner Orbital ATK said.
The cargo ship, Cygnus, which blasted off Tuesday on the resupply run, was carrying 7,900 pounds (3.6 metric tons) of supplies to the station for the ISS crew of six astronauts, as well as components to support dozens of science and research probes.
Cygnus was captured by the space station's robotic arm, operated by crew members, and guided into its berthing port. The operation was over by 1452 GMT.
It was also carrying a new 3D printer and another scientific highlight includes a so-called Gecko Gripper, a mechanism similar to the tiny hairs on the feet of geckos that makes it possible for them to stick to surfaces.

This is the original ISS 3D pritner, not the new one just delivered.

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