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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Future of Bar Codes

Augmented Reality: Changing the Future of Bar Codes

David Wallace | March 8, 2016

Ever since childhood, you’ve seen humans interacting with computers – in the 1960s it was usually blinking lights and keyboards or verbal commands. By the 1990s, virtual screens projected in mid-air anywhere in “The Matrix” or “Minority Report” advanced the concepts. These days, Siri or Alexa and on-demand apps are delivering on that interactive promise with learning systems and tools that support the Internet of Things.
We’ve survived some rummy interface devices like CueCat and transitional options – QR codes, single-purpose apps – to connect knowledge, things and people. It isn’t easy to deliver what you need to know when it’s most critical. VuMark, introduced at PTC’s ThingEvent in January, is the latest advance from the bar code or scannable code.


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