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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ubuntu (Linux) Will Be A Part Of The Windows 10 Distribution

Bringing Ubuntu to Windows is a Step in the Right Direction for Microsoft

Brank Bi | March 30, 2016

Ever since college, the way that I've been told to study computer science was to avoid Windows for writing code. In class, we used Ubuntu, a flavor of Linux to complete our assignments. Students who showed up to class on the first day with a Windows laptop (myself included), were told to install Ubuntu as a second operating system or face a semester of hardship. Simply put, no one wanted to be partnered with a person who was adamant about sticking to his or her Windows dev environment.
But with today’s announcement of Ubuntu on Windows at Build, the belief that Windows is a bad operating system for developers is coming to an end. At the surface level, this means you’ll be able to run a Bash shell on Windows 10, without having to install a third-party interface like Cygwin, which many seasoned veterans remember as a nightmare.


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