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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Overselling Ed Tech

The Overselling of Ed Tech

Before embracing technology, let's ask what kind of learning we want.

Alfie Kohn | March 13, 2016

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised that the idea of using digital technology in the classroom tends to be either loved or hated. After all, anything that's digital consists only of ones or zeroes. By contrast, my own position is somewhere in the middle, a location where I don't often find myself, frankly. I'm not allied with the Waldorfians, who ban computers from elementary and middle schools, but neither do I have much in common with teachers whose excitement over the latest export from Silicon Valley often seems downright orgasmic.
Basically, my response to ed tech is "It depends." And one key consideration on which it depends is the reason given for supporting it.


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