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Monday, January 18, 2016


How Wikipedia's Silent Coup Ousted Our Traditional Sources of Knowledge

Heather Ford | January 15, 2016

As Wikipedia turns 15, volunteer editors worldwide will be celebrating with themed cakes and edit-a-thons aimed at filling holes in poorly covered topics. It's remarkable that a user-editable encyclopedia project that allows anyone to edit has got this far, especially as the website is kept afloat through donations and the efforts of thousands of volunteers. But Wikipedia hasn't just become an important and heavily relied-upon source of facts: it has become an authority on those facts.


<more at
6-01-wikipedia-silent-coup-ousted-traditional.html; related links: (Wikipedia Turns 15 [Q&A]. What does the future hold for the world’s largest online encyclopedia? January 15, 2016) and (Artificial Intelligence Aims to Make Wikipedia Friendlier and Better. The nonprofit behind Wikipedia is turning to machine learning to combat a long-standing decline in the number of editors. November 30, 2015)>

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