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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"Invisible Museum"

Explore an Invisible Museum in Augmented Reality (+Video)
Gabrielle Bruney | January 23, 2016
Virtual reality draws a clear line in the sand—you're in the real world, you put on this headset, and now you're in a different world. But augmented reality technology allows you to straddle that line, keeping one foot in both worlds and in doing so, creating a third world that's all its own.
It's in this third world of augmented reality that Nexus's Invisible Museum lives. We already know that not all art is visible. But these works are less invisible than they are cloaked. They’re perfectly easy to see, if you look at them the right way, which is through a tablet device equipped with augmented reality technology.


<more at; related links: (Nexus Interactive Arts create an augmented reality (AR) installation for Qualcomm. The Invisible Museum installation uses AR to reveal a digitally augmented 3D world that is symbolic of Qualcomm technology. January 2016) and (+Video) (Sculptures Come to Life in an Augmented Reality Art Gallery. March 19, 2015)>

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