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Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Kind Of Piggy Bank

This Little Smart Piggy Bank Does a Lot More Than Store Coins

Chance Kinney | January 12, 2016

Spiral Toys is no stranger to connected toys thanks to their CloudPets line, but their newest release looks like it means business. Wiggy is a connected piggy bank that could mean bank for kids lucky enough to have this guy in their corner.
Wiggy is a piggy bank with Bluetooth connectivity that wants to help parents teach kids the importance of saving. I think parents will still have to shoulder most of that burden on their own, but Wiggy could make holidays and allowance payments a little easier for everyone involved. Wiggy connects to a mobile app that parents can use to deposit funds directly into their child’s bank account, something relatives can also access during birthdays and holidays. It might not necessarily teach kids the importance of saving, but it’ll at least make sure that money actually gets saved instead of promptly spent. It’s also a physical piggy bank, so kids can stash away coins for a rainy day or the next day the family takes a trip to somewhere with a Coinstar machine.

Wiggy, an Internet-connected piggy bank, can link a piggy bank with a child's banking account. Source: 

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