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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Google Car Gets Wipers

Google Car Gets Windshield Wipers, Just Not for the Windshield

You might not need to see out of a Google self-driving car, but it needs to see.

Chris Perkins | January 10, 2016

Last summer, we reported that Google's self-driving car prototypes didn't need windshield wipers because human operators don't need to see out. As it turns out, Google's cars do need windshield wipers, but not on the windshield. Google developed tiny wipers for the roof-mounted sensors on its prototype self-driving cars, according to its December monthly self-driving car report.
These tiny, precious wipers are designed to ensure Google's laser sensors have a good view of the road in inclement weather. Google says cameras and lasers, like human eyes, have a more difficult time "seeing" in the rain, but radars have no such trouble. The lasers and cameras have to be "taught" to see through raindrops and exhaust clouds.



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