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Monday, January 11, 2016

Asteroid Metal Used In 3D Printing

Planetary Resources Shows Off First Object 3D Printed from Asteroid Metal

Michael Molitch-Hou | January 7, 2016

[...] At CES, today [January 7, 2016], the asteroid mining firm displayed a part that was 3D printed from alien metal.  First, the Planetary Resources took a meteorite that landed in Argentina during prehistoric times and processed it using plasma, converting the rock into metallic powder. The firm then utilized 3D Systems’ newly released ProX DMP 320 direct metal printer to create a 3D printed object, with Planetary Resources CEO Chris Lewicki telling Engadget, “We knew that one of the key technologies for lowering the cost of exploring space and building things in space was 3D printing.” The part is a small model of a spacecraft component from the Arkyd ship that the company is currently testing.


Asteroid-Mining Company 3D-Prints Object from Space Rock Metals. Source:

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