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Friday, January 22, 2016

Humans Win Over Robots

Fuji Chooses Humans over Robots (+Slideshow)

Fuji cameras and lenses are made by actual people rather than machines

Angela Nicholson | January 21, 2016

[...] While the workers in the camera assembly areas wear the white coats, gloves and masks typical of a cleanroom environment, hairnets/hats are not a requirement, and visitors are able to wear normal clothes. The lens assembly areas are different, though. Here, everyone is required to wear full cleanroom outfits including a hairnet, hood, overall, boots and mask. Gloves must also be carefully pulled over sleeve ends to contain as much dust and fibre as possible. It's a hot and stuffy get-up that I was very pleased to remove after just an hour, so hats (or hairnets) off to the workers who wear it all day every day. [...]

Zero contamination clothing. Source:
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