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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Smart Clothing

Smart Clothes Adapt So You Are Always the Right Temperature

Hal Hodson | January 22, 2016

Just too hot; a touch too cold. Working in an office building can be a temperature roller coaster, with the dictatorship of air-conditioning systems seeming able to keep people too hot and cold simultaneously.
Help is at hand. Researchers from across the US funded by ARPA-E – the research arm of the US Department of Energy – are developing clothes that can change their thermal properties to adapt to the environment and wearer’s body. By changing its make-up or shuttling heat to and from the body, the clothing aims to make people comfortable in a wide range of external temperatures.

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A different approach: Swelter no more in the summer heat only to shiver once you enter a store blasting its AC. The new ClimaWare line of clothing by India’s Dhama Innovations keeps you comfy no matter what the thermometer says. Designed to flip from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius at the push of a button, the clothing and accessories feature eight levels of heating and cooling to cope with unpredictable weather, extreme temperatures, and hostile environments. In addition to helping soldiers stay toasty in subzero conditions and keeping cows cool enough to produce more milk, the technology could also be applied to control bleeding in a medical emergency. Source:

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