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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tally, The Robot For Store Shelves

Meet Tally, the Robot That Knows What's on Store Shelves (+Video)

Tally from Simbe Robotics could make in-store human inventory checks obsolete.

Sophia Stuart | January 27, 2016

The Internet has revolutionized shopping, from buying things on Amazon to getting in-store push notifications on your phone. But behind the scenes, shopping tech is ripe for even more innovation. Like it or not, things like patrolling warehouses and recording inventory can be executed by a robot.
Simbe Robotics (Simbe stands for Simulated Being) has built just that. It's called Tally, and it can traverse a shop's aisles for eight to 12 hours on a single charge, counting and checking up to 20,000 individual stock keeping units (SKUs) with greater than 96 percent accuracy. PCMag went to Simbe's San Francisco office recently to watch Tally operate in a test retail environment.


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