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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Browser That Blocks All Ads

Former Mozilla CEO Reveals Brave, a Browser That Speeds Up the Web by Blocking All Ads

Brave will replace targeted ads on sites with its own 'anonymous' ads, and share revenue with content makers

Gregg Keizer | January 21, 2016

Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and for an 11-day stint, its CEO, yesterday announced a new browser called “Brave,” that blocks outside online ads and ad tracking.
Brave, which was at version 0.7—denoting its under-construction and fit-for-developers-and-other-strong-hearts-only status—is for Windows and OS X on the desktop, iOS and Android on mobile. The browser does not have a final code launch date or one for a public preview. Users may sign up for notification when betas become available.


<more at; related links: (It's your device. It's your time. So make it your Internet. The new Brave browser blocks all the greed and ugliness on the Web that slows you down and invades your privacy. Then we put clean ads back, to fund website owners and Brave 
users alike. Users can spend their funds to go ad-free on their favorite sites. Join Brave and make it our Internet) and (Brave browser for Desktop and Laptop computers running Windows, OSX, and Linux>

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