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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Digital Property After Death Is A Murky Issue

Apple to Widow: Want Your Husband's Password? Get a Court Order

For two months, a Canadian widow has tried and failed to retrieve her dead husband's iPad password.

Angela Moscaritolog | January 20, 2016

A Canadian widow is locked in a battle with Apple over her dead husband's account, which Cupertino says will require a court order to access.
"I could get the pensions, I could get benefits, I could get all kinds of things from the federal government and the other government. But from Apple, I couldn't even get a silly password. It's nonsense," 72-year-old Peggy Bush from Victoria, B.C. told CBC's Go Public. 
According to the report, Bush lost her husband David to lung cancer this August. The couple owned an Apple computer and an iPad, which she used to play games. The trouble started when her iPad card game app stopped working.

D. No Right of Survivorship
Unless otherwise required by law, You agree that your Account is non-transferable and that any rights to your Apple ID or Content within your Account terminate upon your death. Upon receipt of a copy of a death certificate your Account may be terminated and all Content within your Account deleted. Contact iCloud Support at for further assistance.

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