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Friday, January 22, 2016

21st Century Children

21st Century Children

Tracey Burns and Manuela Fitzpatric | January 18, 2016

What is the nature of modern childhood? Released today, the book Trends Shaping Education 2016 looks at major social, demographic, economic and technological trends affecting the future of education. One important focus: child well-being. 21st century children are in many ways safer and better protected that children from previous generations. Advances in medicine and stricter safety regulations – such as better bicycle helmets and the increased use of seat belts in cars – have led to a steady decrease in child mortality rates across OECD countries. Older, better educated parents are increasingly advocating for their children and playing an active role in their education. New technologies help parents to monitor their children’s location and well-being constantly, and in case of a problem help is just a phone call – or WhatsApp message – away. 


<more at; related links: (Trends Shaping Education 2016. ISBN:789264250178 (PDF) ; 9789264250161 (print) DOI :
10.1787/trends_edu-2016-en) and (Trends Shaping Education 2016. PDF)>

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