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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amazon Echo Takes On New Tasks

Amazon Echo ... Can Read Your Kindle Books Aloud and for Free

JC Torres | January 18, 2016

In the past weeks, we've seen Amazon push its Echo platform and Alexa personal assistant beyond its cylindrical home speaker. We've seen a fridge door speaker and Ford SYNC integration. We've also heard rumors of a more portable "Fox" version of Echo. This week, Amazon is putting the spotlight again on Alexa, but this time going back to its living room roots. Now Alexa can read you your books out loud, or softly rather, when you'd rather listen than read. 
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Amazon Echo About to Control Smart Thermostats

Chris Burns | January 15, 2016

Amazon's strangest product is about to connect to one of the most out-of-nowhere devices in the smart home today. Amazon Echo is said by sources close to the subject (who wish to remain anonymous) to be working with smart thermostats soon. 
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Amazon Echo might have a portable “Fox” version soon

JC Torres | January 12, 2016

If you still can't figure out what place Amazon's Alexa has in your living room, perhaps you'll be able to figure it out better once she's in your hand or in your bag. Amazon Echo, the rather odd Amazon speaker contraption that also behaves as a smart assistant, has gotten rather mixed but generally positive reviews and that has prompted the retailer to expand, not just to cars or fridge magnets, but also to portable devices. 
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