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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Using Plant Seeds To Archive Computer Data

A Living Library You Can Water: Plan to Store Data in the DNA of Plants Could See All of the World's Archives Secured in a Box of SEEDS (+Video)

DNA's four-letter code is being used to capture the '1's and '0's of binary. Researchers have incorporated a message into the DNA of a tobacco plant. The approach could lead to new secure long-term data storage solutions. A box of seeds could store all the world's archives for thousands of years.

Ryan O'Hare | January 19, 2016

Imagine storing your entire music collection in a house plant or the entire works of Shakespeare in an area of shrubbery.
Scientists are developing a new technique for using seeds and plants as data repositories by encoding information into their DNA.
They have already incorporated a simple message into the DNA of a plant, but they now hope to expand the idea to store large amounts of information.


<more at; related links: (+Video) (Karin Ljubic Fister: Breaking The Wall Of Data Storage @Falling Walls Lab Berlin 2015. December 2015) and (Imagine storing all the world’s archives in a box of seeds. As our appetite for data soars, Karin Ljubic Fister is pioneering a surprising storage facility with potential to grow. January 13, 2016)>

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