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Friday, June 3, 2016

Factories In Space

Why Jeff Bezos Wants to Build Giant Factories in Space

The Amazon CEO discussed saving the planet, artificial intelligence, free speech, and more in a fascinating onstage interview at Tuesday's Code Conference in Los Angeles.

Tess Townsend | June 1, 2016

[...] Saving the planet
How do you protect planet Earth? "By going into outer space," Bezos told Mossberg Tuesday. What he meant was something "slightly more measured" than Elon Musk's idea of building colonies on Mars, as Recode noted in a post about Bezos's comments.
The executive who started his business selling books said activities that require the most energy should be performed in space, in order to leave Earth clean and habitable for humans.
"Earth will be zoned residential and light industrial. You shouldn't be doing heavy energy on Earth. We can build gigantic chip factories in space," he said.


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