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Monday, May 9, 2016

Microsoft "Precognitive" Handset

The Microsoft Phone That Reacts BEFORE You Touch It: 'Precognitive' Handset Uses Sensors to Anticipate What You Will Do Next (+Video)

Microsoft's pre-touch technology uses sensors around the edge of a phone. These can detect how a user is gripping the device with one or two hands. It also senses when fingers are approaching or hovering above the screen. This prompts controls to appear beneath the fingers or reveals options.

Richard Gray | May 9, 2016

They may be lagging behind in the race to produce the ultimate phone, but Microsoft has unveiled a technology that makes the devices a little bit smarter.
The company has revealed it has developed 'pre-touch' for mobile devices that senses what the user might want to do before they even touch the screen.

"New research uses a mobile phone’s ability to sense how you are gripping the device, as well as when and where the fingers are approaching it, to adapt interfaces on the fly. The research is outlined in the paper, 'Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction.' "Source:

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