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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Automated Railroad (Germany)

Germany's National Railway Plans To Remove Human Drivers

It's all part of a plan to provide efficient, door-to-door transportation that competes with Uber

Charlie Sorrel | May 11, 2016

Germany wants to replace human-driven trains with autonomous railway cars, as part of a grand master plan to provide end-to-end public transport throughout Europe. In an interview with Germany’s WirstschaftsWoche, Deutsche Bahn’s CEO RĂ¼diger Grube called self-driving trains "a major project for the railway."
Deutsche Bahn is Germany’s historic national rail company, and it operates all kinds of systems, from trains to car-sharing to bike-sharing programs. 

Germany's Deutsche Bahn National Reailway. Source:
Advertising campaign for driver-less trains from Deutsche Bahn."This is your time". Source:

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