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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Politics In the Subject Catalog: Congress Wants To Tell The Library Of Congress Which Subject Headings Not To Use

The Strange Case of Congress and the Confounding (Re)Classifications

Adam Elsgrau | May 5, 2016

You wouldn’t think that a decision by the Library of Congress about what subject headings libraries generally should use in, for example, an online catalog would create a political flap. Then again, in Washington – like the world on the other side of Alice’s looking glass – the usual rules of, well, almost anything tend not to apply. Here’s the strange tale . . .
[...]Two announced changes would replace the subject heading classification “Aliens” with “Noncitizens,” and “Illegal aliens” with two headings: “Noncitizens” and/or “Unauthorized immigration.” Similar, but not identical, changes previously had been requested by Dartmouth College and also were endorsed by a formal ALA resolution adopted at the 2016 Midwinter Meeting in Boston.

Source: [Long URL manually broken on 3 lines; splice all three parts together to view this link:
<more at; related articles and links: (Request to Remove “Library of Congress Classification” Amendment from Legislative Branch Appropriations Legislation. April 28, 2016) and (H.R.4926 - Stopping Partisan Policy at the Library of Congress Act. Latest action: April 13, 2016)>

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