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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Using 3D Printed Bioglass As A Surgical Replacement For Human Cartilage

Doctors May Soon Rebuild Patients’ Knees Using New 3D-Printed Bioglass

Kelly Hodgkins | May 16, 2016

The printing of biomaterials is the next horizon in 3D printing, with researchers working with materials designed to replace blood vessels, skin and more. Now, 3D-printed cartilage can be added to that growing list thanks to a team of researchers from the Imperial College London and the University of Milano-Bicohcca, reports 3ders.
The researchers are developing a new bioglass material comprised only of silica and a polymer called polycaprolactone.

Knee replacement surgery could be about to get less brutal with bioglass
"A bio-glass has been discovered that mimics the properties of cartilage, the flexible connective tissue which acts as a cushion between the bones and often wears out. Once cartilage is gone, it does not grow back and a knee replacement is the only option." Source:

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