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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Digital Preservation Of Works Of Art At High Resolution: Brush Strokes, Dabs Of Paint

Google Made an Insanely High-Res Camera to Preserve Great Works of Art (+Video)

Jacob Kastrenakes | May 17, 2016

In its first five years, the Google Cultural Institute scanned and archived 200 works of art in super-high-resolution gigapixel images. Now in just the past few months, it has managed to scan another 1,000.
The sudden expansion is thanks to a new camera developed by Google, simply called the Art Camera. It's designed to be far simpler to use than other camera setups, making it easier for museums and other institutions to start digitizing the art and documents in their collection. And critically, it's also much faster.

Under the Orange Tree (Sous l'oranger) 1189. Berthe Morisot. Source:

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