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Thursday, May 12, 2016

eBook Wake-Up Call

E-books, why So Old-Fashioned? Here's a Web Wakeup Call

Groups that advance Web and e-book technology want to join forces. That could make e-books livelier, richer and easier to read online.

Stephen Shankland | May 10, 2016

For all the supposed disruption that e-books brought to the publishing industry, the digital versions look still look an awful lot like the paper ones you could have bought a century ago.
Nighttime orange text to avoid sleep disturbance is nice, but digital text on a tablet is basically the same as ink text on paper. 


<more at; related articles and links: (Portable Web Publications for the Open Web Platform. W3C Working Draft 26 November 2015) and (+Video) (Visualizing Algorithms. June 26, 2014); further: (EPUB 3.1 – Bringing Ebooks in Line with the Open Web Platform. February 3, 2016)>

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